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Discover. Design. Deliver.

Calmont designs and manufactures custom wire, cable, and extruded shapes for companies requiring custom solutions. At Calmont, we are proud to work with the world's most innovative and respected companies. We are experts at developing custom solutions for cutting edge companies in medical, robotics, aerospace, military, sensors, and a host of other industries. For over half a century, we have been designing and manufacturing products for applications with demanding requirements such as ultra-flexibility, high voltage and high temperature. Anything you can't readily buy off the shelf, we can deliver. We have no minimum quantities. You can buy from Calmont exactly what you need in the quantity you require.

420 East Alton Avenue
Santa Ana, CA  92707
Phone: (800) 905-7161
Phone: (714) 549-0336

Fax: (714) 549-4028