Looking for answers? Calmont is here to help! Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you understand Calmont Wire & Cable and the engineering industry.

Does Calmont manufacture UL and Mil Spec wire?
Yes. Calmont can produce to many of the mil-specs that have no Qualified Product List (QPL) such as MIL-W-16878, MIL-C-27500, MIL-C-27072. Others, including all of our SiliFlex, SuperFlex and FluoroFlex, need to be specified on Source Control Drawings (SCDs), which Calmont can assist in preparing for our customers.
Will Calmont work with customer provided materials?
Can Calmont provide Flex Test data?
Does Calmont extrude non-electrical components?
Absolutely. For example, Calmont uses extruded disposable dental saliva extraction tubes. Other non-electrical profiles have been used as critical bearing seals, cables to transfer fluids or gasses via lumens for a variety of applications including endoscopes and artificial wine corks.
Does Calmont offer engineering and design consulting services?
Yes, within the scope of Calmont’s manufacturing capabilities such as plastics extrusions, braiding and cabling, Calmont’s team of engineers will assist customers with their project designs, even if the end product is not wire or cable related.
Can I get a sample?
Maybe. Because everything we manufacture is custom-made to each customer’s specification, we probably don’t have a sample that is exactly like what you want. However, we might be able to provide you with a sample of something similar. If you need a small quantity of a wire and cable built to your specification for testing purposes, we can supply it. Depending on the situation, we sometimes provide samples for a fee that is refunded when a regular order is placed.
Why is the lead time for my order so long?
Every product we manufacture is custom. We do not stock finished goods. We stock hundreds of different types of conductors and jacketing and insulating materials, but if your product requires material we have to order, we are sometimes at the mercy of our suppliers’ long lead times.
How can I reduce the lead time for my order/get it more quickly?
If you have the luxury of being able to accept a substitution of materials, we can often provide a faster lead time. If we can substitute materials we have in stock for materials we have to special order for your product, we can get started manufacturing your product sooner and get it to you sooner.
Do you carry stock items?
Not really. We have a small inventory of very small gauge, very flexible wires that are available off the shelf, but most items are custom manufactured to order. Some of these small gauge, flexible wires are available from McMaster Carr. For customers with on-going requirements, we do make material in “advance” so it’s immediately available.
What UL styles are you approved for?
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