Prototypes & New Development


Calmont Wire & Cable’s focus on innovation and customization makes us the only choice for your product’s prototypes and development projects. Step one in the process of producing a product is creating a prototype. Calmont specializes in taking applications from idea to design, and from design to prototype. Our easily-accessible team works with your engineers to address problems, provide solutions, and bring your idea to life.

Research & Development

Some products require research and engineering long before any raw materials see the production floor. When that’s the case, Calmont Wire & Cable will assist you with our Engineering Design Services. Our customers find that the investment in research and development brings a superior end product . Not sure what kind of design services you need, or want to learn more about the upfront research and engineering we offer? Contact our experts today!

The Calmont Difference

  • Calmont means custom. There are more than one way to design a product, we consult directly with your team to minimize and narrow the range of materials.
  • We have the ability to prototype with different material and design options to allow our  customers to test and verify the suitability of the design.
  • There is no minimum quantity – Calmont can work in small quantities to suit your products needs.
  • Calmont can take your prototype all the way through the manufacturing process.
  • Research and development is what we do! Everyday is a learning process for our team. We constantly research as part of the prototype, design and manufacturing process.
  • Calmont has been exposed to a wide variety of industries, applications, and requirements over decades. We bring this experience to our customers.
  • Calmont is capable of working with new and innovative materials to examine flex life with certain conductors with certain insulators.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our cable or wire products, or if you’re looking for a quote, contact us at (800) 905-7161 or through our online form.