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We are proud to be a supplier to NASA, JPL, the European Space Agency, Lockheed, and L-3, as well as numerous other aerospace organizations. Calmont Wire & Cable’s ability to manufacture lighter, stronger, and less toxic cables makes it a valuable partner to many of the leading aerospace manufacturers and subcontractors. Being able to produce cable from a variety of fluoropolymers, as well as silicone rubber gives our aerospace customers design flexibility. Whether you need a special length, modified wire configuration, or truly custom aerospace cable, Calmont can build whatever your applications require.

Calmont has decades of experience with the issues that are important in aerospace applications like:

  • Weight Reduction – Click here for more information about Aracon®
  • Strength
  • Outgassing – Click here for more information on Outgassing
  • Small Diameter
  • Flexibility

Calmont is a leader in producing a variety of special purpose aerospace wires and cables for tough aerospace applications such as:

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft Test Stands
  • Antennas
  • Spacesuits
  • Space Exploration Equipment
  • Satellite
  • Satellite Tracking Stations
  • Telemetry
  • Gyroscope Position Signal

The cables used in aerospace applications are quite diverse. The table below highlights some of the issues to be considered in different applications.

Aerospace and Military Wire & Cable Chart

Reference our Aerospace and Military Wire & Cable chart for Applications, Construction/Considerations, and Materials Used. Click here to enlarge.

Calmont Wire & Cable: Military Wire and Cable Chart

Insulating and jacketing materials


Silicone wire and cable is an excellent choice for high temperature, high voltage, low corona, and applications requiring extremely flexible wire or cable. While silicone rubber has been known in the past as a moderate “out-gassing” material, Calmont now has a space rated silicone rubber material that will meet the current NASA out-gassing requirements without post baking.


Aerospace and military have many applications that require weight conscious designs, in most cases may include the cable. A major contributor to a cable’s weight is the braid or shield material. An alternative to copper braid is metal clad fibers. Aracon® is one such material which provides exceptional EMI shielding, strength, and flexibility. Typically switching from copper to Aracon® fiber can reduce the weight by 60% in the braid. Aracon® is combined with DuPont Kevlar® to provide high tensile strength and excellent conductivity. Calmont has vast experience working with Aracon® for space and military applications. The large number of fine threads and the tendency of yarn to flatten and spread give this material more shielding coverage than copper.

Benefits of Aracon

Strength – The density of metal coated fibers are half that of copper, at the same time, the tensile strength of the aramid core (350 Ksi) is from three to ten times higher than that of traditional or high-strength copper (35-95 Ksi).

  • Reduced weight
  • High strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Withstands repetitive flexing and vibration
  • Excellent coverage
  • Easily terminated

Why Calmont?

Calmont Wire & Cable has years of experience manufacturing cables with Aracon® for an assortment of projects including The Space-Based Infrared System (SIBRS). We can assist you with your design, suggest the braid construction and manufacture a high performance cable that will exceed your expectations.

Calmont is ready to assist you with your wire and cable designs with no obligation. Talk to an expert today and get the answers you need.

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