3 Reasons People Choose Custom Wire

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Custom Wire: Bundled CAT-5 Wire


Wire is wire right? Why would anyone need custom wire? Wire is constructed differently, it is important to use a wire that was made for your type of application. There are many reasons people turn to custom wire. Custom wire can be manufactured to meet specific requirements such as, high voltage, extreme temperatures, high flex cycles and improved flexibility to name a few.

Three of the most common reasons people turn to custom hook up and lead wire are:

  • My existing wire keeps breaking. Wires that break and fail are usually not designed to be repeatedly flexed or bent. Conductor stranding is important in high flex environments. High flex custom wire is normally made with high strand count conductors and sometimes with alloys. Hook up and lead wires that are off the shelf are normally available in solid core, 7 or 19 strand. This wire is intended for static installations where the wire is not required to move once it is installed and is not intended for repetitive movement and high flex applications. As the fine strands break loss of conductivity and complete failure will occur. High strand count conductors will withstand this type of environment due to the construction and number of strands. High strand count wire can sometimes be purchased off the shelf, but in most cases need to be purchased from a custom wire and cable manufacturer. Custom lead wires can be manufactured with the application in mind using materials intended to withstand movement such as robotic /automation, handheld devices, and other applications.
  • I need a more flexible wire for my project. Ultra flexible wires are are manufactured using very high strand count conductors and flexible insulation and jacket materials which are hard to find ready made and off the shelf. Custom wire and cable manufactures specializing in super flexible wire and cable can assist you with your flexibility requirements. There are several types of insulation that can be used to make a wire extremely flexible. Silicone insulated wires are probably the most flexible wire available together with high strand count conductors the wire can be extremely limp even described as “noodle wire” even in the larger gauge sizes.
  • I can’t find the wire I need anywhere. This is usually the case when a small gauge wire is needed, retrofitting and repairs, or a wire becomes obsolete. Wire gauges smaller than 30AWG can be difficult to find off the shelf, turning to a custom wire manufacturer that works with small gauges is usually the only option. Custom wire can be made smaller than 50AWG by some custom wire manufacturers. Often we have requests for hookup wire and cables for equipment that needs to be repaired, updated, or overhauled. This type of situation the existing wire can’t be identified or the existing wire needs to have improved performance. Custom cable manufacturers can reverse engineer existing wire and suggest better construction or materials to achieve the improved performance and longevity of the wire.


Contact a custom wire and cable manufacturer to find out if a custom wire is needed for your application. Starting out with the right wire will save time and money in returns, repairs and redesign. They may tell you that a custom wire design is not needed and an off the shelf wire will work just fine for your application. If you have questions about which wire is right for your application, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.