Calmont Introduces Med FlexWire for Disposable Medical Devices

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Med FlexWire & Cable

Our flexible lead wire has a soft, smooth biocompatible PVC jacket that meets USP class VI standards.  It is made of specially compounded and plasticized polyvinyl chloride insulation applied over ultra-fine stranded wire that yields a finished wire with a longer flex life and a higher flexure index level than that attainable with ordinary PVC insulated wire.  This wire ideal for disposable medical devices and other cost sensitive medical applications.  MedFlex Wire is perfect for a wide variety of medical devices that come in contact with the skin, including:

EEG Devices

EMG Devises

Temperature Monitoring Devices


Med FlexWire is available from stock in black or grey and gauges 26, 29, and 36AWG, but we will manufacture it for you in a variety of color, size, and stranding configurations.

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Custom Disposable Medical Wire & Cable

Calmont is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom disposable medical cables and lead wires. We specialize in designing custom multi-conductor cables, with and without lumens, that have critical dimensional and shape requirements.   We have designed cables for a wide variety of medical cathetars, diagnostic equipment, and monitoring devices where disposable cables are needed.

Our highly efficient, ISO 13485 certified, manufacturing  facility is capable of producing high volume, low cost wire and cable that can be delivered at once, or on a schedule that meets your production requirements.

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