Calmont Wire & Cable

Calmont Wire & Cable has provided innovative solutions for exciting projects like the Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs, and the Hubble Telescope. Our designs and manufacturing processes solve complicated problems in solar expedition and research, cryogenics, and surgical devices. In our southern California facilities Calmont designs, manufactures, tests, and provides on-demand inventory.

In 1958, Calmont’s founder said of his infant company "We are problem solvers…and we also sell wire and cable." The Calmont culture of Growing People and Making a Difference has helped mankind explore the universe, battle sickness and disease, and improve productivity and safety by designing custom wire and cable for extreme environments and delicate conditions.

Calmont Wire & Cable has been a privately held company since 1958.

Our Culture

We Put People First

Our people and our culture make the difference at Calmont. Our dedication to making a difference stems from working with companies that are changing the world. Calmont cultivates ingenuity, experimentation, and innovation in every area of our process. The expertise shared with each new challenge allows us to discover unique solutions daily. We cultivate people who believe that anything is possible.

We Are Accessible

If you have a question, just pick up the phone and call to speak directly to a wire and cable expert. We are proud of our accessibility company-wide, and constantly work to provide a better experience for our customers. Transparency and high standards cultivate a never say never work ethic that keeps our customers engaged with the process and the results. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs, unique challenges, and creative ideas in detail.

We Innovate

Calmont is different from other wire and cable companies because of our willingness to try new things. We are world-class problem solvers, who welcome the challenge of difficult jobs, even those that others wouldn’t dream of tackling. Our company believes that life on Earth will improve with the exploration of space and through medical research.

We Customize

Calmont delivers custom engineering, custom designs, and custom products. We provide products you can’t find anywhere in the world. We focus on unique and demanding requirements, whether it’s a short run, long run, or never-been run.

Our extensive capabilities and the variety of materials we use are the basis for unique designs. We focus on customer success, and our design and manufacturing expertise, combined with continuous improvement, means we meet and surpass our quality goals. Calmont’s flexibility makes us particularly well-suited to work with start-up companies, design and create new products, and develop prototypes.

Our History

In 1958, Bill Chilcote seized an opportunity and assembled an extruder to produce tubing for a hot selling new product – the Hula Hoop. Within three months, the Wham-O Company sold over 25 million Hula Hoops and Calmont was born. After the Hula Hoop craze ended, Bill quickly realized the potential of the rapidly growing aerospace and military markets. New technologies being developed required wires and cables with characteristics that were unavailable from existing manufacturers. Calmont Wire & Cable emerged from Bill’s willingness to solve unusual problems and his love of innovation.

Calmont is about making a difference in the world. We thrive on challenging projects and we believe that anything is possible. Calmont specializes in designing wire and cable that can withstand the challenges of exploring and researching the deepest depths of the sea, the highest peaks on earth, the moon, our galaxy, and now, beyond our galaxy. We make and design products for electric cars, heart pumps, micro-surgery devices, alternative power, and military applications.

Bill’s spirit of innovation and discovery lives on at Calmont

Bill passed away in 1998, but his imprint at Calmont remains deep. More than 50 years after its inception, Calmont still uses some of the equipment Bill designed and continues to tackle and master challenges that would delight and inspire him.

Women-Owned Business

Calmont is proud to be a certified women-owned business since 2009. We are certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States.

Please tell your Calmont Sales Representative about your company’s Supplier Diversity Program.

WBENC - Women's Business Enterprize Certified

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ISO/AS Certifications

Calmont’s Quality Certifications include: ISO-9001:2015, ISO 13485 for medical components, and AS9100D for aerospace components. We’ve been ISO certified since 1998.  Our current registrar is NSF-ISR.

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