What are High Voltage Wires and Cables?

Wire or cable is normally classified as high voltage compatible if it is rated for over 1,000 volts. Another classification is if it can be used to describe a single wire or a multi-conductor cable.

Our Capabilities

Calmont Wire & Cable is a leading supplier of custom and stock high voltage wires and cables – in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts.

Calmont regularly uses co-extrusion to manufacture cables that meet the voltage requirements, between 10 KV DC to 150 KV DC. In order to improve the life expectancy of these cables, we use FEP, PFA, and semi-conductive jacketing and insulating materials. This produces cables with good corona-resistant characteristics. We also manufacture cables with co-extruded stripes, and can also assist you in your design of the perfect high voltage wire or cable for the intended application. Calmont’s mission is to meet the highest quality and performance standards required by all industries that use high voltage wire and cable. Whether the requirement is a standard mil-spec item or a custom designed product that would meet mil-spec properties, we can provide the ideal solution.

Industries and Applications

Industries like military and defense, medical, robotics, and aerospace require wire and cable that meet tough high voltage requirements. Our customers are typically manufacturers of a wide range of high voltage applications. For example, some manufacture radars, ECM, laser and cockpit displays, satellite propulsion, missiles, medical and X-Ray equipment, and ordnance systems.

  • Klystrons
  • Magnetrons
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)
  • High Energy Physics Research
  • High Voltage Power Supplies

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