Custom cables for medical devices

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Medical Devices Custom wire and cable is often the choice for medical devices due to the complexity of the technology of new devices. Custom medical wires and cables differ from applications in other industries because the medical devices are not only expected to perform but in many cases to withstand sterilization and be bio-compatible as well. When choosing the right medical cable it is always a great idea to contact a custom wire and cable manufacturer for material suggestions for your particular project.

Medical cables can be manufactured using a variety of materials depending on the use and requirements. Standard cables can be used in medical applications. Standard non medical cables are commonly used for internal wiring, equipment power cords and applications not requiring sterilization or patient contact. Custom cables are needed at times for these types of applications when a super flexible wire or cable is needed.

Many times medical cables need to meet special requirements for example, sterilization, flexibility or patient contact. Often Custom wire and cable is used for these medical devices. Product designers must tell wire and cable manufacturers what the sterilization process will be, the extent of patient contact and the overall use of the device and medical cable. Understanding the application will assist the custom cable manufacturer in choosing the right materials and construction for the medical cable.

Information to provide:

  • Disposable or reusable? Disposable cables do not require sterilization in most cases and can be made of less expensive materials such as PVC or PE. Reusable medical cables are many times subjected to sterilization and use materials that can withstand extended sterilization cycles.
  • Sterilization process. Choose an insulation or jacket material that can withstand repeated sterilization. Sterilization with chemicals, autoclave and E-beam are most common. Material choices can include silicone, TPE or Teflon®
  • Bio-compatibility. Let your custom cable manufacturer know if there are bio-compatibility requirements. Materials are available from implantable to minimal patient contact. Custom medical cable manufacturer can recommend the correct FDA grade materials for your application.
  • Flexibility requirements, abrasion resistance and special circumstances. Do you need an ultra flexible wire or cable? Does the cable need to be abrasion, high temperature,  high flex or chemical resistant?

When contacting a custom cable manufacture be sure they are experienced in custom medical cables, have your list of requirements along with your design requirements such as number of conductors, cable diameter and the other basic data. A medical cable which will last and perform well depends on the information given during the design phase, provide your custom cable manufacturer with all the relevant information you have in order to get the right cable for your project.

If you would like more information on custom medical cables or would like to discuss your project, contact Calmont Wire & Cable to speak with an engineer.