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About CalmontIn 1958, Bill Chilcote seized an opportunity and assembled an extruder to produce tubing for a hot selling new product – the Hula Hoop. Within three months, the Wham-O Company sold over 25 million Hula Hoops and Calmont was born. After the Hula Hoop craze ended, Bill quickly realized the potential of the rapidly growing aerospace and military markets. New technologies being developed required wires and cables with characteristics that were unavailable from existing manufacturers. Calmont Wire & Cable emerged from Bill’s willingness to solve unusual problems and his love of innovation. Bill was known for joyfully tinkering at Calmont and also in his home shop for days searching for a solution. Bill passed away in 1998, but his imprint at Calmont remains deep. More than 50 years after its inception, Calmont still uses some of the equipment Bill designed and tackles challenges that would delight him.